Hero of the Month

We are very excited to proudly highlight each month some of our brightest and most committed staff from our entire pool of superb employees.

Hayven Reis

May 2024

Hayven is unparalleled in the level of care she shows to the individuals she serves -there is truly no task too big or too small. In her time here at PTC, Hayven has blossomed into a fierce advocate for both her clients and staff teams. Hayven truly embodies what it means to be a servant leader -not only does she hold herself to a high standard of excellence, but she brings those working with her up to that same level. CS would not be the same without her nurturing spirit, patient mentorship, and unwavering dedication to improvement.

Saylee Rokosz

April 2024

Saylee joined the CS team back in August amidst the opening of a new site and we could not have done it without her! Since the site opened, Saylee has shown up to every shift with a sunny disposition and ready to help -often taking on extra projects or offering thoughtful feedback. Saylee is dedicated to learning anything she can to build her skills and provide the best possible care to her individual served.

Dylan Pfeiffer

March 2024

Dylan has been an amazing member of the Family Services team since he started about a year ago. He goes above and beyond with the people we support. He encourages activities and helps teach important life skills. He does this is a fun and natural way. Individuals and families are always requesting more shifts with Dylan! He has also been a huge part of making our Respite program run smoothly. He is a great team player!

Shamso Osman

November 2023

Shamso has been with Pathways for just over 1 year. She is currently the weekend lead at Champlin 2. Shamso is trained and many sites and is always willing to help where she is needed. She has earned the respect of her coworkers and the people we serve through her hard work and caring personality. We are lucky to have Shamso on our Pathways team!

Samsam Yusuf

October 2023

Samsam joined the Crisis team this summer as one of the first hires for a brand-new site. While waiting for opening day, Samsam was able to assist at other homes in our program -building a reputation for being reliable, friendly, and motivated to learn. She was integral in getting that new site up & running and continues to drive the positive culture that exists there now, over a month later. Thank you, Samsam!

Salahudin Sharif

September 2023

Salah joined the team in December of 2022 and quickly became a valuable asset to PTC. He continues to show great work ethic, discipline, compassion and sympathy for each individual under his care. Salah will always take his time to listen to each individual's concern and complaints so that he can provide them with the highest level of care possible. He continues to advocate for all the clients that he serves and never shy away from doing what's best for each client. Thank you, Salah for all that you have contributed to PTC and please know that all your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Congratulations on being awared Hero of the Month!

Sammie Lurie

August 2023

"You can start changing our world for the better, no matter how small the action." Sammie is going to change the world and has already changed the hearts and minds of those around him. Sammie's approach is very person-centered and supportive and is a catalyst for positivity and understanding. Family Services is honored to have him on our team. Thank you, Sammie, for being so inspirational, dedicated, and passionate in helping to care for and support others.

Alexander Gandah

July 2023

Alexander joined the team back in December and since then, he’s become a reliable and important fixture around the CS houses. Alexander is willing to help wherever needed and always shows up ready to get to work. He’s built relationships with individuals across the branch and has a reputation for being dependable no matter the situation. CS is lucky to have you, Alex!

Nahum Menasi

June 2023

Nahum is a huge asset to PTC as the Site Supervisor at one of our Crisis Sites. As the person in charge of staff, house operations and client care, Nahum has a lot of his plate. But he handles it with ease & grace thanks to his superior work ethic & his calm demeanor. Nahum embodies our key message of servant-leadership in everything he does and his colleagues could not be more grateful to have him.

Sydney Worcester

May 2023

Sydney is the weekend lead staff at Parkway. She is a valued member of our team. Sydney works hard and is very reliable. She makes sure the ladies at Parkway have everything they need to be successful. Sydney is always willing to help out when needed. She is motivated and driven. We are thankful to have her as a part of our Pathways family.

A'Lonna Jefferson

April 2023

A’Lonna is an important member of the CRS team over at our Plymouth site. She makes sure all newcoming staff and individuals feel welcomed as soon as they arrive at the house. She is a natural leader, creative problem solver and brings positivity to the house each time she works. A’Lonna has been a major asset her team while the Site Supervisor has been away, taking on extra responsibilities and keeping the house running. Her work ethic and commitment to the individuals she serves doesn’t go unnoticed!

Jozelyn Bond

March 2023

Jozelyn Bond is an assistant site supervisor at our Thomas Ave location. She takes immense care for the individuals and helping support them with their needs, hardships, and helping them grow. She knows the people who live there and the staff who work there very well. She has supported their varied needs throughout her years with PTC and strives to give them person centered care. She is a wonderful mom. She enjoys spending time outside and going on walks. She also is an avid shopper! Thank you for the difference you make in the lives of the people we serve and your exemplary work upholding PTC values.

Sam Subah

February 2023

Sam is a pivotal member of the Crisis Services program -he celebrated his one year anniversary in January and we are excited for the year to come! His teammates are grateful for his ability to maintain a positive attitude and keep everybody laughing any time he steps onsite. As the Site Supervisor, he is integral to keeping the house running and the individuals we serve well cared for.

Shukri Gure

January 2023

Congratulations to Shukri Gure for being PTC Hero of the Month! Shukri has been providing above and beyond person centered services with PTC for 2 years now. Shukri has compassion and always supports the individuals with daily needs and goals. Thank you for being apart of our team!

Dasha Dickinson

December 2022

"One person caring about another represents life's greatest value." Dasha's empathy and compassion are strong values that have brightly shown since she has been with PTC. Dasha has a strength in encouraging community involvement and team support. Thank you for all that you do Dasha!

Kay Mason

November 2022

Kay Mason has worked for Pathways for 8 months. No matter what the situation, Kay rises to the occasion. Kay delights in taking long walks in nature, watching squirrels scamper about and eating garlic bread. She also has a two-year old daughter that she enjoys spending time with.

Osmin Iraheta

October 2022

Help the life of one person and you can help the community." Osmin has been very supportive of his FS team, as well as the individuals he serves. On the weekends, he has stepped into leadership roles and did a great job leading by example and helping create a fun and supportive environment. Thank you, Osmin, from all of us at PTC!!!

Prince Williams

September 2022

Prince is an avid coffee drinker and a supervisor at our Plymouth Crisis location. Prince has worked for PTC for the past four months and we are delighted to have him on staff. Prince was one of the first employees hired at this location and has transformed it into a welcoming and cheerful home. Prince goes above and beyond for our Plymouth location clients and staff. Prince is a very cheerful, friendly, and easy guy to get along with. He takes time to understand who each client is and can tell you everything you need to know about each of them and always puts their needs first. Additionally, Prince enjoys photography in his spare time as well as recording music.

Pam Fairbanks

August 2022

Pam Fairbanks is a DSP II with Pathways. She has been focusing her time and attention to our Maple Grove location. Pam is an engaing, enthusiastic staff to the individuals she supports. She finds community events to get everyone involved and goes out of her way to bring creativity and comfort to their lives and their home. She has set up a positive affirmations area and exercise area in the home and brought an individual to a weekend long camping powwow. She has really focused on being person centered to what is important to and important for the individuals she supports. In her spare time Pam enjoys bringing her dogs to the dog park and refurbishing antique finds. Thank you, Pam, from all of us at Pathways, for embodying person centeredness in your work!

Jade Cook

July 2022

Jade Cook is the supervisor of our new Afton site! She is new to PTC, but in her short time she has shown a work hard attitude, support to her staff, creativity with the individuals, and a motivation to make the new site great! She is succeeding and has done a great job getting things started and adapting as needed. Thank you Jade for always smiling and for all the hard work. We look forward to continue to watch you grow in Pathways.

Jaime Flores

June 2022

Jaime Flores is our Ramsgate 2 supervisor, and she has been a huge asset to our team. Jaime is always willing to give a helping hand and bring a smile to anyone's face! Jaime's passion and dedication to support the individuals and her team does not go unnoticed. Jaime goes above and beyond to keep the site in excellent condition and assisting the individuals to be as independent as possible. Thank you, Jaime, for everything that you do to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve.

Ericka Metcalf

May 2022

Ericka adds to our First Ave team in many ways. From exceling in planning and executing outings for individuals in our community to empowering them with the tools needed to be successful in their lives. Ericka is self-motivated in cleaning and ensuring the high-quality care of the First Ave facility. Communication is critical on our team and Erica can successfully pivot to interacting with individuals, guardians, and social workers. Recently, she showed leadership when an individual was transitioning from PTC and planned a fantastic farewell party. Ericka’s selfless nature is shown by the changes she makes to her schedule to accommodate the needs of the individuals at First Ave.

Tyce Traxler

April 2022

Tyce started with Pathways in 2016 at the Regency site. She has been an amazing help at the site with the individuals served. She always pays attention to details and has been very dedicated to the individuals. She goes above and beyond to help with picking up shifts and taking the individuals to various outings in the community. She is a team player and always willing to help train new staff at the site. Thank you Tyce for everything you do and we are truly grateful to have you be part of the Pathways team!

Stefanie Tekautz

March 2022

"Let's root for each other and watch each other grow." Stefanie has been very supportive to the Family Services team and the individuals she serves. She goes out of her way to help others grow, as well as brings the tools and nutrients to help them grow deep roots and social connections. Thank you, Stefane, for all you do!

Susan Schommer

February 2022

Susan has worked at Pathways to Community for over 5 years. Susan first worked at one of our group home doing direct care and then became part of the HR team. Susan is caring, hardworking, funny, and an amazing trainer and coworker. We get consistent feedback from our employees that Susan is an excellent trainer and makes training fun. We couldn't agree more! Susan, we are so lucky to have you on the HR team. We appreciate you and all the work you do to support our employees. Thank you for making a difference!

Momarr Ngum

January 2022

Momarr started working with PTC in February 2020 initially working in the residential sites for about 7 months then transferred to the Crisis Home. He has been working at the crisis ever since. Momarr chose PTC because a friend recommended it to him, and the hours really worked for him. Momarr also said that he saw an opportunity to contribute to making people's lives better.

Momarr healthresourcemanual been an amazing team member to the crisis team. He is always willing to help by picking shifts up, taking clients on outings and always in a positive mood. Momar shows a lot of amazing characteristics that align with our PTC core values. Thank you, Momarr, for making a difference!

Khadra Barre

December 2021

Khadra started with Pathways this last year and has brought a lot of positivity to the site and the individuals she works with. She always pays attention to the details and is dedicated to the individual's health, happiness, and growth. Khadra says she enjoys doing this because she just genuinely enjoys being around other people and she feels like if she can help in any way, she is happy. Khadra also works at a daycare and gets to practice her patience with 20 4-year-olds. Khadra is a team player and always helps her coworkers. Thank you Khadra for always being a consistent weekend lead and everything you do!

Sarah Mundstock

November 2021

Sarah started with Pathways in July of 2018. She had a positive attitude and provides amazing support to the ladies at the Champlin site. Sarah is dedicated, kind, and caring. She brings a smile to the faces of the individuals she works with daily! We are so thankful to have Sarah as the Weekend Lead of our Champlin home. Thank you, Sarah, for making a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve every day!

Delicia Davis

October 2021

We are so grateful to have Delicia as part of the Pathways team! Delicia joined Pathways as a DSP in 2019 and was recently promoted to Lead Staff at the Champlin home. Delicia brings a smile to the faces on the individuals she supports daily. She is very helpful, caring, and kind. Thank you so much for making a difference every day, Delicia!

Claire Howard

September 2021

The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships." Claire brings a greater quality of life to those she crosses paths. She has striven to find new activities, encourage new friendships, and strengthen one's skills towards independence and self-care. Thank you, Claire, for taking the time to invest in caring--it greatly shows to those who are lucky enough to know you!

Faith Pfeiffer

August 2021

Faith has been a huge asset at the McKnight site. Since starting with PTC as a supervisor, Faith has taken the time to get to know the individuals she serves. She goes above and beyond to keep the site looking good and assist the individuals to be as independent as possible. Faith leads by example and wants nothing more than to support the individuals at McKnight. Thank you so much for making a difference in the lives of the people we serve every day.

Abbie Ostrom

July 2021

Abbie brings joy, support, and never-ending encouragement to the individuals she serves at Robins Court 1 and the staff she supervises. She lends an ear to listen and is the first one to cheer someone on. “One of the greatest joys of my job is being able to positively impact the lives of the ladies I support. I’ve taken a lot of joy in watching my individuals grow in various aspects of their lives. While working at PTC I’ve learned so much about myself and have become a more confident leader and overall person.” Abbie is a strong, fierce leader to staff and individuals. Thank you, Abbie, for all that you do to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve!

Fatumata Sandy

June 2021

"The more you care, the stronger you can be." Fatu has influenced PTC with her caring heart. The individuals and families she serves have always provided positive feedback, and 'never' want Fatu to leave. She has put in a lot of time and effort to assure those she cares for is happy. She has gone above and beyond to grow her skills, while also helping others to build their own skills towards health and independence. Thank you, Fatu, for everything you do!

John Tadian

May 2021

John TadianJohn Tadian has been with Pathways since October 2020. Since that time John has taken the time to get to know the individuals he serves. He has shown compassion during their times of need and been a rock in their times of anger. John goes above and beyond to keep everyone out and moving. He is constantly at the park playing basketball or throwing around a football. He takes the clients to the gym to work out and even walks for miles when they just want to go to their favorite dojo. John’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, often times he offers to take on the tasks that no one else wants to. He’s built furniture for the home, cleaned up the yard, helped with other miscellaneous tasks that no one, including myself, want to have to do. John always has a smile on his face and a positive message leaving his mouth. He’s the staff we call the most to help when we are short on staff and to stay late when people can’t make it to work. He’s the guy that recognizes when others are struggling with compassion fatigue and offers to give up his free time to allow others to get the much needed break they need. Many thanks John and keep up the hard work, it definitely is not going unnoticed.

Grace Konneh

April 2021

Grace KonnehWe are so grateful to have Grace as part of the Pathways team! Grace joined Pathways in October of 2019 as a Direct Support Professional. She was soon promoted to Supervisor of the Champlin 3 site. Grace comes to work every day with a positive attitude that is contagious! Grace is very hard working and helpful. Her kindhearted, calm, caring, and consistent dedication brings a smile to the faces of the individuals we serve daily. Thank you so much for making a difference in the lives of the people we serve every day!

Jessica McGraw

March 2021

Jessica McGraw"The simple act of caring creates an endless ripple." Jessica has made many 'caring ripples' here at PTC. The individuals she supports have always had pleasant words to say about her. This is reinforced in the strong relationships she encourages and builds with the individuals and the Family Services Team. This caring etiquette transfixes itself amongst everyone she crosses paths. Thank you, Jessica, for enriching the lives of so many.

Emily Monson

February 2021

Emily Monson"Listening better. Caring more. Being there. It's not the big changes, but the little ones in our daily lives that make all the difference..." Emily has brightened our community since she has joined PTC and the Family Services Team. Her caring heart, dedication, and active listening has brought positivity, empathy and compassion. Thank you, Emily, for all that you do!

Stephen Mwaura

January 2021

Stephen MwauraIt's hard to find the words to describe how much we appreciate all the work Stephen does. He continuously goes out of his way to support the individuals he serves, helping them in all aspects of their lives especially during this pandemic. When Stephen is working, you can feel the positive energy he brings to the site. He is always willing to help wherever help is needed which is why many individuals look forward seeing him. Thank you for all that you do, Stephen!

Jacob Powell

December 2020

Jacob PowellPTC would like to highlight supervisor, Jacob Powell. Jake has now worked with the company for 7 years! Jake originally joined PTC as a DSP and has been a Supervisor since 2016. Jake continues to be a strong employee, in all facets. Jake plays a large role in the growth of each individual he works with. Not only does Jake maintain great relationships with the individuals he serves, he also maintains positive relations with all team members. I’d like to also highlight how great Jake has been, throughout the pandemic. Jake’s extremely proactive, diligent approach to COVID-19 response, has kept all of the individuals safe, since the onset. We appreciate all of Jake’s work and look forward to his future with Pathways!

Emily Liermann

November 2020

Emily LiermannThose who know, do. Those who understand, teach." Emily has been a wonderful 'teacher,' role-model, and support for all the staff and individuals we serve in Family Services. She transcends the five core values at PTC: Relationships, Commitment, Compassion, Enthusiasm, and Collaboration. Emily, thank you from all of us at PTC for everything you bring to us!

Quinn Davis

October 2020

Quinn DavisOur October employee of the month is Quinn Davis. Quinn has successfully navigated many roles here at PTC during their tenure. Starting out as a DSP 2 emergency staff, Quinn has personally worked at almost every site. During this time, Quinn got to experience varying levels of staffing and support within the company and has proven themself capable of adapting to many different circumstances; all while keeping the clients health and wellbeing on the forefront of their agenda. However impressive, this is only a small part of why Quinn deserves our praise. Always willing for a new challenge, Quinn decided to move from their role as a DSP2 to a Supervisor role within our apartment program. Since their transition to Supervisor, they have not slowed down with their desire to help our clients live their best lives. Quinn serves as an exemplary employee in many aspects of their role. These aspects include: communication, follow through, perseverance, empathy, and a desire to do what is right. That is why Quinn Davis is our employee of the month. PTC is very grateful for all your hard work and dedication, keep up the good work!

Holly Prestegaard

September 2020

Holly Prestegaard"Dedication and Commitment are what transfers dreams into reality!" Holly has been quintessential to PTC--to her individuals she serves and her FS team. She has always led by example while embracing the core values at PTC. Holly--your spirit dazzles! Thank you!

Gutame Burka

August 2020

Gutame Burka"Dedicate yourself to something that gives your life meaning and purpose; make a positive difference in someone's life." Gutame has continued to thrive and dedicate herself to the individuals we serve. Her strong sense of care, and team building skills have made a positive impact on the people's lives around her. Thank you Gutame!

April Luera

July 2020

April LueraIt is commendable how much April does for her individuals, their teams, and her staff. She goes out of her way to meet the needs of the individuals even sacrificing some of her time on the days she is off work. April is always finding new ways to increase the independence in the individuals she serves and it is incredible how much the individuals have grown. Congratulations and thank you for all that you do!

Jordan Floyd

June 2020

Jordan FloydWhen you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you." Jordan has been a ray of sunshine since she has started with PTC. She builds strong relationships with her individuals, is an avid supporter of teamwork, and has always gone above and beyond to help out. Thank you Jordan for everything you do!

Cosmas Onyeukwu

May 2020

Cosmas OnyeukwuIn Cosmas's time with PTC, he's gone above and beyond to help at many sites, sometimes even at the last minute. He advocates for and support all the individuals he works with. Thank you for all that you do, Cosmas!

Anna Basill

April 2020

Anna BasillAnna is a bright light in the lives of the individuals we serve at PTC. She is a fantastic Direct Support Professional 2 and has been an enormous help at the multiple sites where she works. Anna’s positive attitude and upbeat personality make her a joy to work with! Anna is dependable, creative, and caring. Thank you, for all you do!

Andy Jopling

March 2020

Andy Jopling"Determination, motivation, and dedication are you what you need for inspiration." Andy has mastered the art of building relationships. He strives to not only get to know each and every individual he works with and serves, but also aims to create a better quality of life for them. We are so very happy to have you working here at PTC Andy!!!

Anab Isse

February 2020

Anab IsseSince Anab’s first day of on-site training, I could tell that her energy and passion would soon be noticed by the individuals served at St. John’s. Anab is a strong advocate and goes above and beyond, with assisting individuals in accessing preferred places in the community. On top of that, Anab is a very hard worker and always shows up on time. Anab is always the first staff that St John’s individuals talk positively about.

Anab is an exemplary member of PTC and we are glad to have her on the team!

Lachelle Alexander

January 2020

Lachelle AlexanderLachelle is a Lead DSP and a shining example of 4 important characteristics. These characteristics have made her exemplary for our clients and anyone who has had the pleasure of working with her. She is dependable; her supervisor can always count on her to have his back at a moments notice. Her cleanliness is beyond impressive! I implore you to check out the site after she is done working her shift, as it is always spotless. Lachelle’s accountability for tasks and events that happen on site is always on point. You can count on her to complete any tasks assigned or communicated to her in a timely manner. Lastly, Lachelle’s communication skills are tremendously helpful to gain insight on all happenings that go on at the site. She always makes a point to address what grocery/cleaning items the house needs as well; which I had to include as it is very helpful.

We would like to thank you for your service and dedication here at PTC, Happy New Year!

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