A Higher Standard of Employees

In order to continue providing the quality care Pathways to Community is known for, we hire people who not only encompass our core values, but those who will thrive in our servant-oriented culture and will give the individuals we serve every opportunity for success and happiness.

  • We only hire employees that truly embody the organization’s values and purpose and who are committed to providing a higher standard of service.
  • Our thorough and comprehensive hiring process is meant to ensure we are hiring those whose personality traits and characteristics are aligned to serve effectively.
  • Employees are trained on many topics. Examples of training can include the following: Person-Centered Principles, PTC Policy and Procedure, Medication Administration, CPR/First Aid, Boundaries and Relationships, Alternative Intervention, Emergency Use of Controlled Procedures, General Nutrition, and Activities of Daily Living.
  • Employees are evaluated on how well they are living the core values and supporting each individuals well-being.