Employee Spotlight for 2013

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Joel Dieterich

December 2013

Joel DieterichJoel has done a fantastic job stepping into his new role as site supervisor. He continuously goes above and beyond what is asked of him to ensure everything is done the right way, and is a great example of what someone with a high degree of professionalism, dedication, and work ethic looks like. Thanks for all your hard work Joel!

Nina McDowall

October 2013

Nina McDowallNina is a wonderful asset to the Family Service team! Nina invests time, energy, and bundles of enthusiasm every day! Clients and staff enjoy Nina’s company and guidance. Nina, we would like to thank you for continued dedication to your PTC family! Congratulations on being the employee of the month!

Kabs Lor

September 2013

Casey Erickson

August 2013

Casey EricksonCasey is the employee of the month. Casey does an exceptional job working with the individuals in the houses where he works. He is a great role model and mentor. Casey has even picked up extra shifts at his houses to help out. We all say, “Keep up the great work!”

Leo Breffle

July 2013

Leo BreffleLeo has been an outstanding Direct Support Counselor to PTC’s Family Service team! Leo goes above and beyond every day to do what’s best for the clients he works with. Leo has received compliments from his peers, supervisors, and families alike. Thank you Leo for all your hard work and dedication, we look forward to your future with PTC!

Trent Barden

June 2013

Trent BardenTrent Barden continues to excel in his job as a Direct Support Professional. Trent is being recognized for providing outstanding care to a client during a time of crisis. Great job Trent! Keep up the excellent work!

Paul Galvan

April 2013

Paul GalvanPaul, a long-time employee of the PTC team, has been consistently going above and beyond the call of duty for his residents. He works hard every day to help his residents improve the quality of their lives and increase their chance for success. Congratulations Paul, keep up the great work!

Tasha Verplank

March 2013

Tasha VerplankTasha recently joined the PTC team and has already had a huge impact on all those she works with. She is able to effortlessly adapt to change and support those around her, two skills that are invaluable. Congratulations Tasha, we are lucky to have you!

Zach Graudin

February 2013

Zach GraudinZach has been with Pathways to Community since 2010. He has been committed to the program and exhibits a high level of compassion and enthusiasm for his co-workers and the consumers he works with. Congratulations Zach, we are happy to have you apart of our team!

Katie Hoemberg

January 2013

Katie HoembergKatie has worked at PTC Maple Grove for three months. Katie formed positive, healthy relationships with each of the MG girls from the start. Katie's positive attitude while at work becomes contagious to the other staff and her consumers. Katie is willing to help out other whenever needed. She is always thinking outside of the box to keep the MG girls busy, and finding fun, affordable, and interesting activities for the consumers. We appreciate having Katie at PTC Maple Grove and all of her hard work.

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