Employee Spotlight for 2016

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Dana Jordan

December 2016

Dana JordanDana has been a terrific addition to our PTC Team. She has excelled at being a site supervisor, and continues to work hard. She goes above and beyond what is expected, and brings positive energy to her individuals and staff. Thank you for making a difference!

Afton Hilgers

November 2016

Afton HilgersAfton has been a terrific member of the Pathways Team. Afton continues to excel at his role as the Weekend Lead. Afton brings a great attitude and is a fantastic mentor for the residents he serves. He always goes above and beyond stepping up with extra responsibilities. Afton you make a difference!

Aaron Govig

October 2016

Aaron GovigAaron has been a very dedicated employee here at PTC. His main focus is promoting independence with the individuals we serve. His skills not only include patience and understanding, but also his eagerness to gain knowledge and tools that help him to develop into one awesome PTC employee!

Emmanuel Speare

September 2016

Emmanuel SpeareEmmanuel is reliable and works very hard to make sure the individuals’ needs are met. He does a wonderful job at encouraging the individuals to be independent and support them when they struggle. Thank you for making a difference, Emmanuel!

Sade Harrison

August 2016

Sade Harrison"A ray of sunshine!" proclaimed one of the Family Services individuals. Everyone that has had the pleasure of meeting and working with Sade, would say the same. Her positive personality, upbeat energy, and cheerful demeanor have had a butterfly effect here at PTC. Sade builds strong relationships with the individuals, and embodies PTC's core values. Keep on shining Sade!

Sarah Nelson

July 2016

Sarah NelsonSarah has done an amazing job to keep up the PTC moto “Making a Difference Every Day.” She is continues to encourage individuals, and has a positive attitude every day. Sarah lends a helping hand wherever it’s needed. PTC is happy to have Sarah as part of the team! Keep up the great work Sarah!

Nathan Kern

June 2016

Nathan KernIt is a delight to have Nathan as part of Pathways to Community. Nathan goes above and beyond to encourage and meet his individuals where they are at. He is always searching for ways to improve the quality of life for everyone he serves. Nathan's wiliness to help when needed truly shows how passionate he is about his individuals. Thank you for all that you do, Nathan!

Ghao Yang

May 2016

Ghao YangGhao has been an amazing asset to PTC and Family Services. She goes out of her way to help out, and has taken on many leadership roles. She is very committed and compassionate to working with our individuals. Ghao does not hesitate to participate in activities, and continually offers support and collaboration with other team members. During our respite activities, she creates a fun, positive, and supportive environment for everyone.

Peter Thomas

April 2016

Peter ThomasPeter Thomas has shown time and time again that he is committed, not only to his team/residents, but to PTC as a whole. His flexibility and willingness to help other sites when needed, often at a moments’ notice, are invaluable character traits. Peter brings a person-centered approach to all the residents he works with and truly shows our residents how much he cares about them. Outstanding job Peter, you truly make a difference every day!!!

Joey Moreno

March 2016

Joey MorenoJoey has seamlessly stepped into his role as a Direct Support Professional. He has been a tremendous advocate for the residents he serves, and has been willing to help out whenever extra support is needed. Thank you for making a difference Joey!

Annie Moua

February 2016

Annie MouaAnnie has wonderful rapport with all the individuals she serves. She constantly encourages and teaches the individuals skills to strengthen their independence and reach their goals. Annie often goes the extra mile and does not hesitate to provide support when needed. Thank you for making a difference, Annie!

Danielle Lemmons

January 2016

Danielle LemmonsDanielle has done an outstanding job in he role as Finance/HR Data Specialist over the past ten months. Danielle has been an integral part of the success of recent transitions in the Finance Department as she has eagerly learned new tasks and helped out others. She is a hard worker and does a great job but what shines is her positive attitude and willingness to help her co-workers. We are so happy to have Danielle on the PTC Team! Congrats Danielle on your nomination of "Employee of the Month."

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