Employee Spotlight for 2015

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Brandon McCollum

December 2015

Brandon McCollumBrandon has been with Pathways for a long time. Brandon has all the qualities that we look for in an employee. He is dependable, reliable, and timely. He goes about his work in a very professional manner. Brandon has good working relationships with the individuals that he serves. Congratulations to Brandon on winning the employee of the month.

Ernisha Roberts

November 2015

Ernisha RobertsErnisha has been an exceptional member of the Pathways team. She is eager and enthusiastic to work with the residents she serves. Ernisha truly embodies the Pathways moto of "Making a difference everyday." Ernisha continues to go above and beyond, and help out where ever help is needed. Outstanding job Ernisha, we are truly fortunate to have you part of the Pathways team!!

Rosanna Hardin

October 2015

Rosanna HardinRosanna has leaped into her new role with a lot of motivation and dedication. As a master's student in Art Therapy, she has been utilizing her creative skills in providing artistic outlets for coping skills, but also by offering creative positive reinforcement strategies to help the individuals served succeed. So many individuals have mentioned how much they appreciate her and she does all of this with a positive attitude and smile on her face. Congrats Rosanna, on being the Ocotber Employee of the Month!

Jenna Trimble

September 2015

Jenna TrimbleIn her time with PTC, Jenna has proven to be an exceptional staff. She goes above and beyond her responsibilities and is always will to help. She took fantastic initiative during the recent move of the house and dug in and helped pack. She also helped pick up extra shifts and was very flexible with her schedule. Jenna has also been successful at getting an individual to be more active in the community. We are excited to announce Jenna as employee of the month!

Lindsay Bolin

August 2015

Lindsay BolinLindsay is a great example of the type of leadership you can find within PTC. Lindsay is always willing to take on more responsibilities or lend a helping hand, and is consistently looking for ways to improve the quality of life for her residents and her staff. She is truly dedicated to all those she serves. Congratulations Lindsay, keep up the great work!

Kenny Judkins

July 2015

Kenny JudkinsWeekend Lead Kenny has been an outstanding team member of the Meadowbrook 1 house. He is driven to support the residents he serves to the best of his ability, and embodies the PTC core values, with his servant leadership. Congratulations Kenny you make a difference!!!

Mary Jackson

June 2015

Mary JacksonMary is a wonderful team member of the Family Services department! She does and excellent job finding fun and varying acrivities for the individual's we serve. Mary puts a lot of time and effort in to planning each activity to make sure both the individuals we serve and FS employees will have a great experience! We welcome activity feedback and Mary does a good job taking suggestions into consideration. Mary is always willing to help with anything that comes up, and is great team player! Thanks for all that you do Mary! We are very lucky and thankful to have you as a part of our PTC FS team!

Sam Lewer

May 2015

Sam LewerSam has excelled since becoming a member of the Pathways team. He has consistently stepped up to help out whenever and wherever additional support is needed, and always brings a positive attitude to the individuals he serves. He truly lives the PTC Core Values. Terrific job Sam!!!

Aaron Stine

April 2015

Aaron StineAaron always has a calm demeanor in the face of change and adversity. He is supportive of other team members and is always present for the individuals. He treats each individual special and has learned to adapt to their specific needs. He embodies the PTC core values and it shows. Families are constantly giving positive feedback about Aaron and often tell us "Don't ever let him go".

Seth Pioske

March 2015

Seth PioskeSeth was recently promoted to Senior Supervisor, and has welcomed the duties with open arms. While maintaining incredible relationships with his staff and residents in the home, Seth has done a fantastic job listening to, advocating for, and representing his fellow Site Supervisors. Seth has been a member of the PTC team for five years and continues to demonstrate a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm to grow. Seth, thank you for all you do, you truly make a difference!

Ian Sinclair

February 2015

Ian SinclairIan has been a tremendous member of the Pathways team! He continues to excel in the field and is a true testament, to the service of others. Ian demonstrates a terrific work ethic, and is eager to help out, with anything that comes his way. Ian thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Michelle Malouf

January 2015

Michelle MaloufMichelle is a wonderful employee. She has great drive, and is always looking for new ways to promote independence in the residents she works with. She has an amazing attitude and approach toward every challenge that comes her way. Michelle represent all of PTC's core values and her dedication to the residents she works with does not go unnoticed. Congratulations, Michelle!

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