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Abdiwali Sheikh-Abdi

December 2017

Abdiwali Sheikh-AbdiAbdiwali has been a fantastic addition at all the sites he works at. Abdiwali is always more than happy to contribute to any projects of the day and the enthusiasm he brings to the job makes him a joy to work with for staff and residents alike. The professionalism that he brings to the work place is second to none. He is always willing to step up to whatever task is placed in front of him.

Cole Karmath

November 2017

Cole Kamrath"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" -Vincent Van Gogh. Cole has always sought to bring PTC staff and individuals together, while supporting a fun environment in the community. He always reaches out with new ideas in ways to support the Respite Program, and strives to facilitate Team Work. PTC looks forward to his future endeavors here at PTC.

Coral Blue

October 2017

Coral BlueCoral has been such a great addition to our Supervisor Team. She has excelled at being a site supervisor, and continues to work hard. She goes above and beyond what is expected, and brings positive energy to her individuals. Thank you for all you do Coral! Keep up the great work.

Latisha Williams

September 2017

Latisha WilliamsLatisha is wonderful example of someone who makes a difference. She is always encouraging and supporting individuals daily. She goes above and beyond to ensure the sites are run smoothly, and the individuals are well served. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, and has a positive outlook on what she brings to the table. We are so proud to have Latisha as a DSP at PTC. Thank you for all you do Latisha!

Dani Belille

August 2017

Dani BelilleDani has been a wonderful addition to the SLS department at PTC. She goes out of her way to build a strong rapport with the individuals she serves. Her positive nature is contagious and it shows in her work ethic. Thank you for making a difference!

Sarah Marshall

July 2017

Sarah MarshallSarah has been a positive influence here at PTC. She brightens the lives of those in our Family Services Respite Program. As a Team Lead, she goes out of her way to help create supportive and creative environment. Her work ethic shows her commitment to the individuals we serve, and PTC Core Values. Family Services wouldn't be the same without her!

Sam Padelford

June 2017

Sam PadelfordSam has been a pillar and a positive mentor at the Plymouth house with the residents he works with. Sam has consistently stepped up to help when additional support is needed, always bringing a positive attitude and great work ethic. Sam embodies servant leadership. Great Job Sam!! You make a difference!

Gutame Burka

May 2017

Gutame BurkaGutame exudes a positive and supportive persona. She has a wonderful way of engaging with the PTC individuals she works with. Gutame uses a very interactive approach that helps engage the individuals in a variety of social activities and settings. The families she collaborates her services with, have also called to thank her several times for the work that she does. Way to go Gutame!

Temika Williams

April 2017

Temika WilliamsTemika is a great example of someone who makes a difference. She consistently go above and beyond to ensure she is supporting and advocating for the individuals as best as she can. Temika is always willing to help wherever she can and has a positive outlook on everything she does. Thank you for all that you do!

Xia Yang

March 2017

Xia YangXia is an instrumental member of the finance team. We’ve recently had a lot of transition and change and Xia has done an outstanding job learning new tasks and developing new processes. She is always positive and willing to help others. Xia takes initiative to work through new problems by doing research and always works hard. We are so fortunate to have her on the PTC team! Thank you for making a difference Xia!

Leslie Allotey

February 2017

Leslie AlloteyLeslie has been consistently making a difference in the lives of the residents at the Hickory Trail House. Leslie is incredibly positive, enthusiastic, and committed to the success of the individuals he works with. He demonstrates the PTC core values and enriches the lives of others. Congratulations Leslie, we are proud to have you as part of the PTC Team!!

Isaac Glidden

January 2017

Isaac GliddenIsaac as been a strong leader in his role as the Respite Supervisor. He is very dedicated to supporting the individuals relationships, and collaborating with the FS team on how to best serve everyone. He continually advocates for the staff and individuals, in an effort to provide a very supportive environment for all. Thank you Isaac for all you do!!!

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