Our Philosophy

PTC is dedicated to providing each Individual with outstanding service conducted under the highest standards of business ethics. The Individuals we serve are our KEY to success. Therefore, creating personal connections for each individual is the KEY to both their and our SUCCESS and GROWTH.

WE believe it is a privilege to serve each Individual, and that each Individual deserves a person centered approach that is customized just for them.

WE believe every employee of Pathways to Community will act in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

WE are committed to providing a respectful and non-judgmental environment that encourages individual growth in living, learning, working, and socializing.

WE believe in a servant attitude and a leadership system that focuses on knowledge gained through shared experience.

WE believe in recognizing and respecting the ability, potential, and dignity of each individual.

WE believe in outlining clear goals and a process by which to achieve them.

WE choose to see every obstacle and failure as an opportunity for both business and personal growth. We understand that people will fail-forward and we will be there as a united front to support them.

WE believe in achieving a balance, because we believe that work for work’s sake alone is ultimately dissatisfying. We believe that work must be tempered with humor, fun, compassion, inquisitiveness, patience, and joy.

WE believe in the importance and value of continuing education to maintain the leading edge. We understand that to be the BEST this only happens by consistently developing our employees, organization, and technical skills to take our individuals and organization to the highest level of excellence.

WE believe that the environment we work in to serve our Individuals deserves to be kept clean and organized at all times. We believe that to achieve this takes the help and support of the entire team.