PTC Summer Camp Respite

The PTC Summer Camp is a special program that is only offered in June, July, and August. Summer Camp is a day time respite opportunity which much like our Club and Weekend programs, provides individuals the opportunity to engage in an event/activity during the day with other peers. Summer Camp provides a variety of different activities that vary throughout the week.

Some examples of activities include but are not limited to: hanging out at the Clubhouse, bowling aquatic center, scavenger hunts, beaches, museums, parks, zoos, movies, volunteer opportunities, fairs, nature centers, and many more.

When does Summer Camp take place?

Summer Camp starts the second week of June and runs through, July, and August. Camp runs five days a week, Monday through Friday. Pickups start early morning and individuals are dropped off back at home in the evening.

What does Summer Camp include?

The Summer Camp Program includes and provides for the designated pick-up/drop-off transportation, morning activity, lunch, and afternoon activities.

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