PTC One-to-One Socialization (IHS with Training and Family Training)

PTC one-to-one (1:1) socialization is a habilitation support service (IHS with Training or with Family Training) provided in the individuals own home, in the community, or the PTC Clubhouse. Staff work with the individual to develop and practice independent living skills. Each individual has a service plan and objectives tailored to fit their needs and help them reach their goals.

What does the 1:1 include?

A PTC DSP who will work with the individual in an individual capacity, focusing on skills and training that have been identified by the team.

What is 1:1 socialization?

1:1 socialization is a unique opportunity we offer for individuals to socialize while they are with their 1:1 staff. At no expense to the individual, PTC provides some planned activities and socialization opportunities that the individual can choose to participate in. This gives the individual the opportunity to work on their socialization skills with their 1:1 staff in a group setting.

Participants will also have access to the PTC Clubhouse which has a full kitchen, laundry, and hang out space. This space can be used to work on independent living skills as well as socialize with other individuals that may be working on their goals. There are several meal options to cook at the PTC Clubhouse that change on a weekly basis. While in the Clubhouse, all of the materials, ingredients, etc. necessary to make the meals and participate in the other training opportunities are provided for by PTC.