PTC Club Respite

PTC Club is an afternoon/evening respite program which provides individuals the opportunity to engage in a fun social event/activity with other peers. PTC’s Direct Care Professionals (DSP’s) will pick-up the participant from their identified pick-up location (e.g. school, DT&H, home) and transport them to the event/activity that has been designated for the day. The PTC DSPs accompany the individuals throughout the duration of the activity, dinner, and then transport them home after.

Some examples of activities include but are not limited to: hanging out at the Clubhouse, bowling, working out, movies or water parks. Activities/events are sent out on an activity calendar months In advance and the individual then has the opportunity to sign up for the days they want to attend.

When does the Club take place?

PTC Club occurs Monday through Friday. Club begins when the individual is picked up in the afternoon, often between 2pm-3pm, and ends when the activity is complete and the individual is returned home. An average club activity is 5 hours long but can vary depending on the order in which the individual is picked up and dropped off.

What does Club include?

PTC Club provides admission, when applicable, for the individual to attend the evening’s event/activity as well as dinner and transportation.

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