Family Services - Respite and In-Home Services

At Pathways to Community (PTC), we take great pride in our relationship-centered approach to services and the opportunity to make a difference every day in the lives of the individuals we serve. The PTC Family Services Program offers fun and unique waivered service options that are each grounded in our relationship and person-centered approach to services.

Below is a list and brief overview of available services provided by the PTC Family Services Program. For more information regarding any of the services identified below please contact Michelle Newman, PTC Director of Family Services. Michelle can be reached at 651-641-4009 ext. 3 or

Please note that at this time we will no longer be taking new referrals or completing intakes for our PTC Club, PTC Weekend, or PTC Summer Camp Respite Program(s). We will continue to serve current participants of these programs for the foreseeable future, however, at this time we will not be adding any new participants. Please note that we have had to make changes to the service radius for available services and at this time we are not able to take new referrals for individuals who reside in Washington County.

New Clubhouse Respite program

An afternoon/evening Respite program that is based out of our newly developed PTC Clubhouse which is a fun and functional space where individuals can participate in a variety of fun social activities with other peers.  PTC’s Direct Care Professionals (DSP’s) will pick-up the participant from their identified pick-up location (e.g. school, DT&H, home) and transport them to the PTC Clubhouse which is located in St. Paul. The PTC DSPs accompany the individuals throughout the duration of the evening’s activities, dinner, and then transport them home after.

Clubhouse Activities Include:

Crafts/Games: The Clubhouse has a space where individuals can participate in a variety of different crafts, group games, and sensory activities.

Game Room: The Clubhouse has a space with a ping pong table, foo's ball, air hockey, basketball shoot-out, and other fun games.

Movie Room:  The Club house has leisure space with multiple couches and a T.V. where folks can enjoy a movie with their peers.

Cooking Classes: The Clubhouse is equipped with a full kitchen which will allow individuals the opportunity to participate in cooking classes and have fun baking and cooking with the help of staff.

Exercise: The Clubhouse has an exercise space that includes exercise equipment such as a treadmill, recumbent bike, and elliptical machine. The exercise space has plenty of room for fun group exercise activities such as yoga, exercise videos, Zumba, etc. Ultimately, individuals will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of exercise options of their choosing.

Learn more about the PTC Clubhouse Respite Program.

In-Home Family Supports or Independent Living Skills Training

A one-to-one (1:1) habilitation support service provided in the individuals own home. Staff work with the individual to develop and practice independent living skills. Each individual has a service plan and objectives tailored to fit their needs and help them reach their goals.

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Please note that all programs, excluding individual or 1:1 services, may operate at a 1:4 staffing ratio (one staff to every four participants). As a result it is important that each individual participating in the program is able to be successful in a 1:4 staffing ratio.