Family Services - Respite and One-to-One Services

At Pathways to Community (PTC), we take great pride in our relationship-centered approach to services and the opportunity to make a difference every day in the lives of the individuals we serve. The PTC Family Services program offers a number of waivered service options and opportunities that are each grounded in our relationship and person-centered approach to services.

Below is an overview of services provided by the PTC Family Services Program.  For more information regarding any of the services identified below please contact the Director of Family Services, Amber Anderson. Amber can be reached at 651-641-4009 ext. 3 or

Service Radius

We currently serve parts of Hennepin County, Ramsey County, and Dakota County. Due to limited staffing resources we are not able take new referrals or complete intakes for individuals who reside in Washington County. Please contact Michelle to see if your individual lives within our service radius. We will evaluate our ability to expand the service radius as we are able to gauge the strength of our workforce and our ability to recruit staff that can serve other areas of the metro.

PTC Clubhouse

All programs have access to the PTC Clubhouse which is a fun and functional space where individuals can participate in a variety of activities. Individuals who attend any of our Family Services Programs will have the opportunity to enjoy this space. 

Primary Clubhouse Activities

Cooking Classes: The Clubhouse is equipped with a full kitchen which will allow individuals the opportunity to participate in cooking classes and have fun baking and cooking with the help of staff.

Exercise: The Clubhouse has an exercise space that includes exercise equipment such as a treadmill, recumbent bike, and Bowflex. The exercise space has plenty of room for fun group exercise activities such as yoga, exercise videos, Zumba, etc. Ultimately, individuals will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of exercise options of their choosing.

Crafts/Games: The Clubhouse has a space where individuals can participate in a variety of different crafts, group games, and sensory activities.

Game Room: The Clubhouse has a space with a ping pong table, foo's ball, air hockey, basketball shoot-out, and other fun games.

Movie Room: The Club house has leisure space with multiple couches and a T.V. where folks can enjoy a movie with their peers.

PTC Weekend Respite

The PTC Weekend program is a weekend respite opportunity which provides individuals the opportunity to experience a fun overnight get-a-way with other peers. Individuals will have the opportunity to engage in an event/activity during the day with their peers. However, the fun does not stop once dinner and the activity are over. After the activity, they head back to the hotel. Once there, they can choose to swim, watch movies, play games or just hang out and relax while socializing with friends in the group. Individuals share a queen size bed with one other individual of the same gender. On Sunday morning, the group has breakfast provided by the hotel; after which staff provide transportation for the individual back to their home.

Some examples of activities include but are not limited to: hanging out at the Clubhouse, bowling, The Science Museum, Sporting events, Water Park of America, The MN Zoo, The Renaissance Festival and so many more! Weekend activities vary from weekend to weekend on a quarterly cycle. PTC also offers quarterly dances to all individuals who receive PTC services, which are always a big hit.

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Please note that all respite programs, may operate at a 1:4 staffing ratio (one staff to every four participants). As a result, it is important that each individual participating in the program is able to be successful in a 1:4 staffing ratio.

PTC One-to-One Socialization (IHS with Training and Family Training)

PTC In-Home family supports, and ILS service is a one-to-one (1:1) habilitation support service provided in the individuals own home, in the community, or the PTC Clubhouse. Staff work with the individual to develop and practice independent living skills. Each individual has a service plan and objectives tailored to fit their needs and help them reach their goals.

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