Family Services - Respite and In-Home Services

At Pathways to Community (PTC), we take great pride in our relationship-centered approach to services and the opportunity to make a difference every day in the lives of the individuals we serve. The PTC Family Services program offers a number of waivered respite and in-home service options and opportunities to the Twin Cities and surrounding metro area; each of these services grounded in our relationship and person-centered approach to services.

For more information regarding any of our services please contact Michelle Newman, PTC Director of Family Services. Michelle can be reached at 651-641-4009 ext. 3 or

Services Offered

Club (Respite Service)

An afternoon/evening respite program which provides individuals the opportunity to engage in a fun social event/activity with other peers. PTC’s Direct Care Professionals (DSP’s) will pick up the participant from their identified pick up location (e.g. school, DT&H, home) and transport them to the event/activity that has been designated for the day. The PTC DSPs accompany the individuals throughout the duration of the activity, dinner, and then transport them home after.

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Weekend (Respite Service)

A respite opportunity offered on weekends, which provides individuals the opportunity to experience a fun overnight get-a-way with other peers. Much like the Club program, individuals will have the opportunity to engage in an event/activity during the day with their peers. However, the fun does not stop once dinner and the activity are over. After the activity, they head back to the hotel. Once there, they can chose to swim, watch movies, play games or just hang out and relax while socializing with friends in the group. Individuals share a queen size bed with one other individual of the same gender. On Sunday morning, the group has breakfast provided by the hotel; after which staff provide transportation for the individual back to their home.

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Summer Camp (Respite Service)

Offered only in June, July, and August, Summer Camp is a daytime respite opportunity which much like our Club and Weekend programs, provides individuals the opportunity to engage in an event/activity during the day with other peers. Summer Camp provides a variety of different activities that vary throughout the week.

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In-Home Family Supports or Independent Living Skills Training

A one-to-one (1:1) habilitation support service provided in the individuals own home. Staff work with the individual to develop and practice independent living skills. Each individual has a service plan and objectives tailored to fit their needs and help them reach their goals.

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Please note that all programs, excluding individual or 1:1 services, may operate at a 1:4 staffing ratio (one staff to every four participants). As a result it is important that each individual participating in the program is able to be successful in a 1:4 staffing ratio.

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Licensed Services

  • All PTC services are DHS 245D Licensed.